Life is Like a Box of Doughnuts

Life is like a box of doughnuts.
Life is like a box of doughnuts.

On Saturday, Tom and I brunched just the two of us at Narcissa, one of New York’s prettiest restaurants in my opinion. On the way to our table, we passed a glass case of tiny doughnuts and I felt I had to have at least one. The restaurant isn’t cheap, but in comparison, a box of doughnuts for $10 seemed like a “good deal.” (In New York, I find I’m often saying “good deal” with quotes.) We ordered one for the table – but really for me – and before our crab cake benedict and roasted poussin entrées arrived, Tom and I each had one of the tiny sweets, mine lemon poppyseed with rich lemon curd inside and Tom a plain glazed, with the orange bats.

We ate and watched the posh brunch-goers around us, then wandered through MUJI and a whiskey shop while I called my father, with whom I discussed Christmas plans. To host or not to host a large family gathering? Would Tom be overwhelmed? Would my parents be tired? Would we get a tree? Should he invite his random cousins from China?

“Why not?” my father said, “You always want to invite your cousins.”

Mostly though, my father was happy I called.

“So you have not forgotten me.”

“My own father! Never!”

The phone call was short and sweet, shorter than the walk from Bowery to West Village, where at Ottomanelli’s we bought provisions for a Sunday roast we were hosting. We rounded out the evening with a casual dinner and a late-night comedy show at The Village Underground with friends. A good time despite three out of six comedians falling flat. No doughnuts for them.

But over all a box of doughnuts, the weekend was.

  1. Elderly people look at their younger reflections.
  2. For those of you on Instagram: FuckJerry and Beigecardigan are married!
  3. I would really love to see Adele in concert. And sing along. But for now I and the rest of the world have been listening to her new song on repeat.
  4. Edward Hopper is my favorite artist. Turns out the Obamas like him too (thanks G, for the link).
  5. Single and dating? “How to rate your date before getting hooked.” Thanks GP.
  6. I want kids, but it’s interesting to hear from people who don’t. One of my workshop professors edited this collection of essays and it’s more than worth a read.
  7. Lastly: a tool to help you hack sleep.

Also: The Sunday 7 on Moving in Together and Loving and Hating New York

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