A Haven in Hell’s Kitchen

A Cozy 1-BR Hell's Kitchen Apartment

We had friends, we had jobs (most of the time), we had each other. On top of it all, we had a really great apartment. 600 square feet of efficient cosiness which, thanks to the “open” layout, had the illusion of being much larger.  Continue reading “A Haven in Hell’s Kitchen”

Don’t Blink

Norman Rockwell Triple Self Portrait
Norman Rockwell, Triple Self Portrait,  1960 

“It feels like your wedding was ages ago,” my cousin said on the phone last night.

It does and it doesn’t. We’ve been stumbling back into real life, the first week a blur thanks to jet lag, and now, three weeks in, the muted “oh…” feeling has fully settled in: the realization that, after the wedding, nothing really changes about you or your spouse or your life unless you make it so.  Continue reading “Don’t Blink”