A Sunday Afternoon at Coogee Beach

Swimming bath at Coogee Beach

We do some weekends better than others. But ever since we purchased the car – a used, 2014 Mazda CX-5 (in red!), our most extravagant purchase to date – the physical borders of our weekends have expanded considerably. No longer do we need to wait for buses or Ubers or borrow our friends’ small but efficient Suzuki Swift for Ikea and grocery runs. And even when we feel like staying in, it seems unfair to both the car and ourselves to do so. What’s the point of living here otherwise?

Also, how many weekends do we have left in which the family unit consists of two mature, late-rising adults? Thirteen weekends more, for those counting, and that’s if the boy arrives on time. Thirteen weekends more of this party of two, with no strollers to wrestle with, no playgrounds to scope out, no snacks and sippy cups and nappy sacks to pack, no blowouts or outbursts. Just me and Tom, Tom and I, sleeping in, going there, doing that.

Tom makes brunch
Brunch at home: Julia Child omelettes with bacon, greens, and a slice of homemade banana bread.
Mozart on the Record player
Some Mozart with breakfast.
Postcards from Sydney
Before heading out, I sent out some overdue greeting cards.
Sunday afternoon at Coogee Beach
Sunbathers and a few in the surf as well.

Children playing at Coogee Beach

Changing rooms at McIver's Ladies Pool
The changing rooms at McIver’s Ladie’s Baths.
No one swimming at McIver's Ladie's and Children's Pool
McIver’s Ladies’ Baths, a hidden gem. (At least to me).

No one swimming at McIver's Ladie's and Children's Pool

Chicken Parmesan at the Coogee Bay Hotel
Late lunch at the Coogee Bay Hotel. My salad was lame, but Tom’s Chicken Parmesan was not.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Back home and making dinner: lamb chops with mushy peas.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
A thrilling way to end the night, with Agatha Christie’s Marple. 

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