Thom’s Thursday Thoughts Are Back

Tom looking out the window on a snowy day

On Facebook this week a friend asked, “What happened to Thom’s Thursday Thoughts” last week? Was Tom comatose?” 

Tom was not comatose, though my happiness very nearly was, having been bogged down by post-vacation blues and the burdens of unemployment.

And while I still feel like a lone hitchhiker on the dust-covered road to employment, I am still, for the most part, pretty happy.

In large part not just because of Tom’s Thoughts, but also his actions.

For one thing, Tom likes to cook comfort food. Before the storm he made a big pot of chili and baked cornbread:Tom cooking chili.During the storm he made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. After the storm he baked scones.

When we feel cabin fevered – which is often, considering winter calls for much time spent at home – Tom suggests a walk around our neighborhood, which is usually very loud and crowded, filled with cars and buses and firetrucks with their sirens on and rowdy high school kids hollering and shoving each other off sidewalks. But on the day of the storm, it was quiet; everything  – cars, bikes, and sadly a bum or two – ushered inside or muffled by the snow.

Our own winter wonderland. And as we walked through it, Tom held my hand so I wouldn’t slip and fall.

Tom standing on snowy 49th St.

Anyway, little things like that and Tom inadvertently makes me feel like a modern day princess.

“Or welfare queen,” he would say, or actually, has said.

Because Tom keeps it real.

So without further delay, Thom’s Thoughts this week, mostly in response to my thoughts:

  1. Me [looking in the mirror thinking I’ve lost weight]: “My face looks longer.”
    Tom: “Yeah less like a basketball and more like a football.
  2. Me [wondering if Tom had any vegetables on Sunday]: “Did you eat any vegetables today?”
    Tom: “Yeah I had two buffalo wings.”
  3. Me [feeling dry rough patches on my face from winter weather]: “Ugh my skin is so dry.”
    Tom, getting water at the kitchen sink: “You want me to spray you with the sink hose?”
  4. Tom, looking up from his cell phone: “My investments are actually doing pretty well this year.”
    Me: [Thinking about the future which invariably involves marriage etc.] “Does that mean you’ll buy me a really expensive ring?”
    Tom: “Yeah, I’ll get you a doughnut. The ol’ engagement doughnut.”
    Me: [Suddenly wanting a doughnut] I love doughnuts.

Also: Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Anniversaries, Illness and Thailand.

Please share your thoughts. No really, please.

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