Six Years of Very Highbrow Resolutions

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So this is a bit late. Who writes a resolutions-themed post in February? And who commemorates year six?  Then I thought about one of my favorite comic strips of all time and went online to search for it and found this:


Oh that Gary Larson. Such foresight.

Though the featured photo, taken at the Grand Palace in Thailand, speaks to my intentions to post this in January…but it just never got done.

Anyway, 2016 marks the 6th year that Very Highbrow will have been up and running as well as the 6th year I’ve posted New Year’s Resolutions well after the New Year, so here’s a look back on New Year’s Blog Posts from the past five years (some more timely than others):

“Happy New Year,” 2011 – paying attention to the people and situations around me, a resolution I ought to renew.

“Memento Mori,” 2012 – A friend and coworker dies on New Year’s Eve.

“Facelift,” 2013 – I, feeling optimistic about life, pay for a pretty Blogger template (no longer in use) and draw s.

“Very Highbrow New Year’s Resolutions,” 2014 – I consider my parents’ and health, mine and theirs.

“How To Write,” 2015 – I only just begin to grasp what it means to write well, and to write seriously. Aka “not throwing shit on walls.”

Please share your thoughts. No really, please.

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