Thom’s Thursday Thoughts

“Smile, Tom!” “No, I’m not your show pony.”

Despite the above photo, Thom is happy to be back in his weekly feature because I say so. And he’s happy that I’m back, because the first thing he said to me when I returned Monday evening was, “Ah. It’s good to have you back.” I was wearing purple pants and a blue shirt. So the second thing he said was, “You look like a highlighter that someone stuck the wrong color cap on.”

I laughed and hugged him. It was good to be back.

  1. Thom is currently on page 619 of Alexander Hamilton. He estimates he should be done by this weekend, though I estimate the middle of next week. For his next book, I think he should dip into something lighter like Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which he ordered on Amazon the same time he bought Alexander Hamilton, but which I read first.
  2. Thom likes to keep his books pristine. This means none of his books look like they have ever been touched. Most of my books look pristine too, but that’s because I haven’t read most of them. Out of over three hundred books I own (some of which are still in my parents home in Southern California), I have about fifteen non-pristine books. Thom reads very carefully by propping the books on his legs rather than on a table so that they don’t fall open completely and crease the spine. I knew someone like that in school. I didn’t talk to her much.
    • Thom hates it when I borrow his books and dog ear them or bend them at the spine. I recently did this to his copy of Ready Player One. I also dripped pool water on it and bent the cover. None of it was on purpose, but Thom was disappointed. “Now it looks like a homeless guy used it as toilet paper,” he said, “The reading experience is ruined.” But I said, “Look on the bright side. It’s still a good story.”
  3. Another good story is The Martian by Andy Weir, which Thom and I both enjoyed. We are going to watch the movie tonight.
  4. While I was gone, Thom:
    • Stayed up really late just one night during the week. I thought he was out carousing with friends but when he finally texted back said, “Ah, hello. I was watching  “BattleBots.”
    • Bought exactly one grocery item: S’more Pop Tarts.
    • Updated his fall wardrobe. One afternoon he said he was about to leave the apartment in search of orange pants. I was with friends and they had snorted. “Orange pants? What a fashion plate.” I decided not to tell them how at the beginning of summer Thom went on a quest for white pants. When I returned, I found Thom had, in preparation for inevitable rain and snow, bought two new pairs of boots: here and here, and this plaid shirt. I was also informed that the waist of his unisex jeans had loosened somewhat, which was good to know because I had spent a lot of time wondering. And the orange pants? Thom is still looking. Suggestions welcome.

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