A New Series: Tom’s Thursday Thoughts

Tom, thinking on Thursday
Only a few things make him smile like that.

I’m starting this new series to show another side of Tom in contrast to the romantic, sentimental shmuck I usually portray him to be, but I made the mistake of telling him. He then insisted on my renaming the series “Thom’s Thursday Thoughts” because he thought it would be (knee slap) “hilarious”. I was alarmed by how amused he was by this rather elementary tweak to his name and very nearly gave in until our friends wrinkled their noses, “That’s so dumb.” Not sure if they were referring to the entire series or just Tom’s suggested title, but I decided to ignore just Tom. Minus his thoughts, of course. 

This is for anyone who, walking down the street and randomly sees something that reminds them of Tom, wonders, “Hm, I wonder what Tom is reading/eating/watching/doing/thinking?”

All your answers are here, updated weekly.

  1. Tom is a big reader, but he really prefers the genre: adventures on the high seas. He recently finished Endurance by Alfred Lansing, which boasts an astounding 5-stars and 1,518 reviews on Amazon. On Yelp, that usually means a restaurant we can’t afford but this book is only $12.
  2. Now he’s moved on to meatier fare: Ron Chernow’s excellent biography of  Alexander Hamiltonin part because of the debate to remove Hamilton from the ten dollar bill. Coincidentally, Tom, a musical enthusiast, also just purchased tickets for Hamilton in February. If it’s as good as the reviews say it is, I’ll look forward to lording it over the people who gush about Book of Mormon, which I still haven’t seen. On a separate note: if you’re more into biographies about rich men, Ron Chernow’s Titan about John D. Rockefeller is also good, though this is more my thought than Tom’s.
  3. Tom has interesting taste in T.V. As of late, he has been laughing at “The I.T. Crowd” while I sit at the kitchen table and blog. I don’t watch much T.V. (believe it or not I am still working on the X-Files), but this show is pretty funny.
  4. Something else that made Tom laugh: this GQ article about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which is both funny and sad. Tom is unclear whom he will vote for but Trump is unlikely. I will probably still vote for Nader.
  5. Lastly, Tom’s vegemite and cheese bagel count so far this week: 3.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. This is going to be a weekly thing.

11 thoughts on “A New Series: Tom’s Thursday Thoughts

  1. I will read this, but I would’ve read it much more enthusiastically had it been called Thom’s Thursday Thoughts. Which of your friends farted on that idea? It’s a great idea.

    1. Paul, don’t encourage foolishness. Also, the same friends that “farted” on the idea are also YOUR friends (hint: Indian people).

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