Thom’s Thursday Thoughts

Thom cook meat.

This week, I shall start implementing “Thom’s Corrections and Addendums to Last Thursday’s Thoughts.” If there are no Corrections and Addendums for a particular week, it means Thom did not read my blog. For reference, you can revisit last week’s thoughts here.

For starters, Thom’s mom sent over this photo of a post-it with teenaged Thom’s notes on a pancake recipe, found in her copy of The Joy of Cooking.

Such precision.

Thom’s corrections are as follows:

Re: having a dog in the future: “Not a ‘ranch house,’ Betty, I want a whole ranch.”

Re: Last Bottle: “You shouldn’t use the word ‘hoarding’ in this context. I bought them. I don’t even have them yet. I can’t hoard something I don’t have.”

Re: My reading Harry Potter: “I read all seven Harry Potter books in two weeks. On my iPad. I didn’t leave the house.”

Me: “Anything else, Thom?”

Thom: “No, no. I’m afraid to talk now in my own house.”

  1. Thom loves steak and curry. Especially steaks from Japan Premium Beef and curry from Goemon. Last week Thom’s brother and sister-in-law visited and one night we had curry, then ice cream, then went to Japan Premium Beef to buy a 20 oz. New York Strip steak to eat for a second dinner while we watched “Columbo.” In person it was huge but “20 oz. is actually not that big,” said Thom, who cooked it to a perfect medium rare (see above) in the cast iron pan. I happily partook.
  2. To my Dismay, Thom has recently started watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” the appeal of which is lost on me. The acting is terrible and everyone is dressed like a dolphin trainer from Sea World. Only uglier and less cheery. Thom didn’t watch it earlier I think, because he wanted to experience it on our new….
  3. KEF bookshelf speakers, which Thom set up earlier this week. Thom told me they were very high end, after telling me they were mid-range. “Which is it?” “They are the higher end of the middle range.” Regardless, I like them as they allow me to hear Columbo solve crimes more clearly.
  4. Thom thinks it’s hilarious that I call “bread” “toast.” As in, “I’m going to the store to buy more toast.” To which he will say, “You mean, ‘bread?'” To which I will say, “You know what I mean.” This happens every single time I go to the store to buy toast. He recently tagged me in this Instagram.
  5. Lastly:
    1. Thom’s term for a lot of ladies brunching: “Britches.”
    2. Thom being romantic: “It’s always good to come home to a Betty-infested house.”

Next week: Thom’s Thursday Thoughts From Italy. Most of them slurred, probably, because of all the wine we will drink.

Please share your thoughts. No really, please.

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