Thom’s Thursday Thoughts

Thom Walking Chloe the Toy Poodle

Thom said I shouldn’t write these every Thursday if there’s nothing to write about. I looked at him and said, “But you’re Thom! You have a lot of thoughts!” 

  1. Tom has reached the halfway point of Alexander HamiltonI am impressed by his ability to sit and read for hours at a time. The last time I read like that was when Harry Potter 7 came out.
  2. This past week, Tom and I dog-sat Chloe the Toy Poodle for my friend. We both became very attached to her, Tom especially, who would call Chloe a “he” or “Chlo-sters” or “Dog” or “Puppy” or “Chlo-chlo” but never by her name. But he gave her cheese so she was like, “Arf arf! I’m happy.” (A dog -tentatively named “Lieutenant Columbo” – is definitely in our future, but “not until we get our ranch house,” says Tom).
  3. Two months after moving to Hell’s Kitchen, Tom bought new jeans from A.P.C., his tightest pair yet. Tom hates it when I wear his clothes but these jeans would probably look good on me too. They are, after all, unisex.
  4. Our friend Paul, told Tom about a discount wine website called Last Bottle which Tom immediately signed up for then told me to sign up for and then spent a good afternoon hoarding six bottles of wine, which should last us approximately 1.5 weeks. Not because we are winos but because we have friends over a lot, especially since now we have a fabulous new dining table made by hipsters in Indonesia.
  5. My cousin Larry and his wife Angela moved to New York earlier this week and we had them over for homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs. I made the sauce from this Mark Bittman recipe, recommended to me by a friend. Tom made the meatballs using this recipe from The Joy of Cooking, his favorite cookbook, pointing out that it was the 1975 edition, which he special ordered because it contains the original recipes and tutorials (like How to Skin a Porcupine), which were deleted or edited from later versions.
  6. Lastly, a friend, noting this very successful series, suggested I start a Monday series based on her thoughts, mostly: “Fuck fuck fuck. I hate Mondays.” So does Tom, so I’ll include this thought here. Thankfully, it’s already Thursday, so the weekend is just around the corner.

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