Hittin’ Up Boutiques in Greenpoint

A few weeks ago Tom and I went to Greenpoint Brooklyn to buy a table. We wanted a long table for our dining area because we like to have friends over for dinner and there’s nothing sadder than a bunch of adults crowded around an “expandable” Ikea dining table that was originally meant for your 300 sq. ft. studio.

We had our sights set on a handmade beauty by Mark Jupiter, which was for some reason listed on a random, lying website as ranging from $1200-$1500, but when we got to Mark’s workshop in Dumbo, were informed by Mark himself, a very handsome, rugged looking fellow, that he had “never made a table less than $6000.” He said this in a friendly yet matter-of-fact tone, and we, staring at his beautiful creations, could only agree and say, “Someday, someday.”

We still wanted something that looked handmade but wouldn’t leave us on the streets living under our table, and a friend told us about From the Source, which features sustainably sourced, handcrafted furniture and which has two showrooms – a small one in Chelsea and a much larger “flagship” in Greenpoint.

I’ve never had any reason to go to Greenpoint. I just knew that it was vaguely far and out of the way, like the Upper East Side. But one balmy sunny day a few weeks ago we made it out there and discovered Greenpoint was, despite certain rundown pockets, quaint, quiet and charming. Before we knew it we had wandered through a half dozen boutiques, stopped for a drink, and then found a place for a lovely early dinner. Here are my reasons to go back (mostly for the cake and more furniture, should we need it).

From the Source has a small showroom in Chelsea but their main showroom is in Greenpoint.
Tom getting some sun in WNYC Transmitter park, where hipster couples went to sunbathe, read and picnic.
The River Styx knows how to live the good life. We didn’t eat here, but would come back to check it out.
Tom “casually” walks past pretty old buildings.
Seeking sweet respite from the heat.
Smiling because of Ovenly’s Pistachio Cardamom Cake with Chocolate Frosting. #cakesmile.
Checkin’ out that booty.
The hipsters really like to tell you what they’re thinking without talking to you.
A charming home goods boutique called Home of the Brave. The prices encourage you to buy just one thing at a time, but we bought three pillows so will not be back for a while.
Bassho pillows from Japan? We will take three. Including the pineapple one on the top.
Distant selfie.
Lots of clogs at Wolves Within. And throughout Brooklyn.
Mini versions.
Understated ties at Wolves Within, run by the same owners of Home of the Brave.
Stopped for a glass of rosé at Mrs. Kim’s. Really owned by a Korean named Mrs. Kim.
The plants look alright.
The pretty garden at Anella.
Pork chop.
Burger. Though this was just okay.

Home GoodsFrom the SourceHome of the Brave
ApparelWolves Within (“thoughtfully curated” clothes for men and women); Pas Mal (Not featured here, but in the neighborhood and worth checking out. I follow the proprietress – a very chic Korean lady – on Instagram).
Food and Drink: Ovenly for good coffee and baked goods; I’m going back for their Salted Chocolate Chip cookie; Mrs. Kim’s for an early afternoon drink or two; Anella for American (New) fare in a pretty garden. According to reviews, brunch is the time to go.

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