The Sunday Seven: Valentine’s Day Edition

Taken earlier this year in Taipei. Photo Credit: Steph

As much as I complain about the internet being a time suck, it can also be hugely thought-provoking. But as it’s impossible to get to it all, some of my most treasured links (is it weird that I “treasure” links?) come to me from thoughtful friends – much better than bots! I always think “Thank God So-and-So found this.” I’m sharing seven links below. You probably have too much internet to read as it is, and why in God’s name spend time on my picks, right? But if I read someone’s blog, I tend to like the stuff they share. Ergo, if you like this blog… Also, it’s a good record for me.

Now, the inaugural Sunday Seven: Valentine’s Day Edition:

1. Did you watch “50 Shades of Grey”? I haven’t but I will. I couldn’t finish the book (I tried to speed read it a few years ago while at Costco with my parents, but that thing is thick) A.O. Scott’s review in the New York Times is both acerbic and forgiving. I’ve read a few other reviews and poor Jamie Dornan gets skewered, and not in a sexual way.

2. If you were alone on Valentine’s Day, it’s okay, I was too for 26 years. Though I didn’t put in nearly as much legwork as this guy, who is actually pretty cute! and wrote this hilarious piece in the Observer about the futility of online dating in New York.

3. If you’re in a relationship, think for a minute how you respond when someone asks, “How did you guys meet?” I used to get super worked up and tell every detail with lots of gestures and backstory, but now I’ve truncated it: “We met through friends! It was great!”

4. If you are married (though this is more geared towards men), here’s “How To Fight With Your Spouse Without Ruining Your Marriage in 9 Steps” by British Journalist Tim Dowling.

6. If you must fight with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, remember these lessons from the “Masters of Love.” This is one of my most “treasured” links and I reread it from time to time to remind myself what matters.

7. Lastly, a twofer for the art of letter writing: A Modern Guide to the Love Letter  and 16 Beautiful Love Letters Found in Used Books, (thanks for the link, G). Number 15 made me smile (and think of Zabar’s).
If you have links on love you’d like to share, please send them to me! Happy Sunday.

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