Awkward Italy: In Cinque Terre, I Ran Into a Guy I Dated

Monterosso Beach in Cinque Terra
Under one of these umbrellas is probably someone you know.

In high school my friend Victor once told me about running into a classmate during his summer vacation. In Belgium. In a chocolate shop. 

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Thom’s* Thursday Thoughts

Tom's Thursday Thoughts
Series photo updated to show our new Ikea coffee table.

I know I haven’t blogged since Thom’s thoughts from last Thursday, but trust me, this is in no way going to be the bulk of the content moving forward. In any case, *due to popular demand from various readers (including Tom’s mom), this series, updated weekly, is now called “Thom’s Thursday Thoughts.” Continue reading “Thom’s* Thursday Thoughts”

My Awful Online Dating Profile

Do I look familiar? It’s because I use the same photo on LinkedIn.

In light of my two recent blog posts on my first date ever (part 3 coming next week), I revisited my old OkCupid profile, screenshot above. I thought I would cringe at my self summary, but the only thing I found cringe-worthy was my profile name: TimexMe? So lame. But lame name aside, I’d probably still describe myself this way.” If Tom is cringing, it’s a good thing we didn’t meet online.  Continue reading “My Awful Online Dating Profile”

The Sunday Seven: Valentine’s Day Edition

Taken earlier this year in Taipei. Photo Credit: Steph

As much as I complain about the internet being a time suck, it can also be hugely thought-provoking. But as it’s impossible to get to it all, some of my most treasured links (is it weird that I “treasure” links?) come to me from thoughtful friends – much better than bots! I always think “Thank God So-and-So found this.”  Continue reading “The Sunday Seven: Valentine’s Day Edition”