My Journey to Employement (As Told Through Instagram Memes)

One evening back when I was unemployed, I sat on the couch with Tom and scrolled through Instagram. I showed him a meme that made me laugh.

“Wouldn’t it be funny,” said Tom, “If you started collecting these to tell the story of your job hunt?” Continue reading “My Journey to Employement (As Told Through Instagram Memes)”

New Business

Edward Hopper "Office in a Small City"
Working Title/Artist: Edward Hopper: Office in a Small City Department: Modern Art Culture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: Working Date: photography by mma 1979/89, transparency #11ad scanned and retouched by film and media (jn) 5_16_07

“I like my job.”

Really? You do? Betty….is that you?

I’m surprised too. A month an a half in, I’ve grown somewhat more comfortable with those words.

I like my job.  Continue reading “New Business”

Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Bums

This is Tom, not a bum.

New York is a great city.

Tom would say, “What’s not to love: the subway runs twenty-four hours, you can drink water straight from the tap and buy some of the world’s best bagels for less than a dollar.”

Though when I first moved here, Tom also told me, “It’s only a matter of time before you see a bum take a crap on the subway.” Continue reading “Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Bums”

The Unemployment Diaries

Subway rider in winter

On the E train downtown, I took a seat near the door and turned on my Kindle. A small, dark man in baggy clothes who’d been behind me on the platform stepped on and stopped. I wondered if he was looking for a seat and scooted down closer near the door to make room on my right, but he stayed standing and looked around. He looked relatively clean and wore a dark jacket over a grey hoodie. He had on a North Face backpack. A bottle of Axe body wash was tucked into one of the side pockets. Continue reading “The Unemployment Diaries”

“Way Past Robitussin”: On Not Having Health Insurance

FuckJerry meme making fun of affordable healthcare

A million years ago I worked at Costco as a seasonal worker. I met a varied cast of characters: