Scenes from a Job Hunt: A Phone Interview

Hopper Office in a Small City.jpg
Office in a Small City   Edward Hopper    1953   Oil on Canvas

Hi Betty,

My name is Mary and I’m with Regal Awards. We are looking for a freelance content writer.

Please email me if you are interested so we can set up a quick phone interview.



“It’s not exactly drivel,” Mary said. Even over the phone I could see her squinting to find the right word, “No, it’s definitely not drivel. It’s just…well, we need the content constantly refreshed so that we show up in Google search.”

I didn’t say anything but thought So, drivel. 

“It’s not drivel,” she repeated, “But it’s not creative writing.”

There was also the matter of payment.

“What do you usually charge?” Mary asked.

“That depends on the type of writing.”

“Well, to give you an idea, we usually pay about 2 cents a letter.”

I am not good at math, but that sounded a bit low.

“The length varies,” she continued, “but it’s anywhere from one to five assignments a week, 50 to 300 words each depending on what we need it for.”

I nodded politely, smiled, even though no one was around to see it.

“Well, thanks so much for your time,” I said, “but I’m probably not the writer for you.”

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