Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on A Lot of Things

Tom in the “garden.”

It’s been a while, I know. I made a big to-do in January after another long break, announcing the return of Thom’s Thursday Thoughts, then a few months later started working and was like, “Bah. No time for Thom’s thoughts. I’m working.” 

But no, Thom’s Thursday Thoughts are always on my mind, because Tom is always on my mind.

This time around, I won’t be making any grand gestures or promises. Work really can be an awful energy and vision suck (I hate any glowing screen by the end of each working day), but Tom’s shared some gems with me and I, never one to keep gems to myself, will now share them with you.

  • On Monday, Tom sent me this article from the New Yorker.
    “It’s long,” I said, “I’ll have to print it out.”
    Later at home, discussing how often we both read articles from the New Yorker, (Tom likes the articles but dislikes the style guide), we entertained the thought of getting a subscription. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. It’s quite an expensive magazine. 
    “How much do you think it is?” Tom asked.
    I shrugged, “Like $68?”
    “That’s not that bad.”
    “Really? It’d be the most expensive magazine subscription I’ve ever had.”
    Tom nodded at the stack of Vogues and Marie Claires I had on the coffee table, each a $12/year order, “Yeah, but the magazines you read are like firewood.”
  • Yesterday, I had a particularly difficult morning at work. I suddenly understood what it felt like to do a ton of work and have someone else swoop in and take the credit. I immediately Gchatted Tom, who sent me this link of a smiling volcano.
    “That’s dumb, Tom,” I said, before the video was over.
    “It’s a smiling volcano!” he typed, “How can you not smile.”
    The camera turned and the smile appeared. He was right. I smiled too.
  • Some fast and final thoughts from a recent shopping excursion for me, which I’ll probably not do with Tom again because of our vastly different opinions of how I should dress. Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything:On most items I picked up to seriously consider: “(Snorts) Sure, if you want to look like a lesbian librarian who hates men.”

    On midi skirts: “That’s enough material for three skirts.”

    On a tank top: “Oh yeah. Now that’s a nice dress.”

    On noticing the reorganized merchandise at Cole Haan: “Oh. They’ve moved all the bitches’ stuff to the front.”

    On a shopgirl who had one side of her head shaved: “If you’re a girl and you shaved one side of your head, you’re basically saying, ‘My uncle touched me.'”

    On touching my head, after I, wondering if my style really did resemble that of a lesbian librarian who hates men), was silent for a few moments: “Wow your head is hot. Were you thinking again?”

    Happy Thursday, all. May you spend the weekend reading and dressing as you please.

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