The Sunday Seven: On Loving and Hating New York

“Who’s the landlord, Lewis Carroll?” asks my friend A.

Friday’s apartment hunt was slightly better. We saw units we could actually imagine living in, except in one the living room was too small and for another, the location was a half mile walk from any subway station. There had been one promising apartment on Carroll St., but it was taken before we arrived. And then there was the last apartment of the day, pictured above. Great location and new finishes. But obviously uninhabitable for people who like to stand up straight.The broker apologized as soon as we walked in. He hadn’t personally visited the unit before showing it to us.”But the thing is,” he said, “Someone will come in and say, ‘This is the coolest thing ever’ and rent it on the spot.””A dwarf, maybe,” said Tom.Really though, that wasn’t even the worst apartment we’ve seen. I had the good sense this time to snap a photo, but we have seen some absolute poopers (or “sacks of shit,” as Tom phrases it) that I regret not recording and posting here. They make the one photographed above seem almost normal. Almost livable. They ought to be featured on this hilarious blog: 

We’ve seen perfectly great brownstones gutted and filled with cheap cabinetry and laminate flooring. We’ve seen gorgeous brick fireplaces painted over or covered by thin plaster. We’ve seen the remnants of burnt down kitchens and holes punched in walls and filthy bathtubs (okay this was all in one unit) and dank smelling apartments, the walls of which just ooze bad vibes.

We still have time so we’re taking the next week off from apartment hunting. In the meantime, I’ll be exploring my mixed feelings about New York, as represented by This Sunday’s Seven:

1. To start, this was me like so ten years ago. Thanks a lot, Sex and the City!

2. This funny but sobering essay by my current workshop professor, who’s “Manhattan dream turned into a credit card nightmare”is what I should have read before moving. I try to keep her words in mind when apartment hunting and thinking, “Maybe if we’re willing to spend just $300 more on rent per month we can see some better stuff.”

3. So it’s surprising that New York is just number 4 on this list of America’s Most Over Priced Cities (behind Honolulu, Southern Connecticut (really??) and Boston). Unsurprisingly, New York will make this list every year until eternity.

4. I can relate to most of these 32 Truths Every Person Who Dreams of Living in New York City Understands 

5. Until like the 8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City a Horrible Place to Live. In the Onion yes, but probably happens everyday, just not everyone at the same time.

6 But mostly I’m like those people who wake up and wonder (usually with a smile), “How’d I end up here?” Just like these six creative types on why they call New York City home. 

7. At the end of the day, I’m choosing to stay (at least for the next year or two or three) and  I know exactly why. (What a great Instagram account!)

Happy Sunday Everyone!  

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