Kaua’i, Last Look

Aloha from the hokey but spacious interior of our resort, the Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy
One of many scenic spots along the Wailua River Valley. 

Wet, dead fern leaves on a hike. My mother was glum because her feet were wet. 

Lots of these guys running around the island, crossing the road, not crossing the road, dead on the road…

Purportedly the best shave ice in Kauai, but we ordered the ice cream instead.  
To the (Kilauea) lighthouse. Or not. The view was much better from here than there, where one can only see ocean. 
My mom and I came back in love with Plumerias of all colors. 
The view along the Waimei Canyon Drive up to the Iliau Nature Loop.  
Clouds began to roll in… 
And we were suddenly in the clouds. A perky iliau despite the gloomy weather on the Iliau Nature Loop.  
Same day, on the drive down from the loop. Two-faced island.  

I don’t know what flower this is, even after a long and detailed explanation with our tour guide.

A hut in the grass. Not sure if anyone lived here but I wasn’t about to venture in and find out.
A pretty tree waving at the pretty sea. 

More plumerias! 
Until next time. Mahalo for your attention.

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