To Market, To Market, Again

It’s funny the images we’re destined to take over and over again. My brother likes taking photos of scenery – I do too, but above all I prefer people. People at work, especially in Asia, since in the States I’m too afraid of being chased down and sued. I love my street vendors and sweepers, my old men playing chess, and butchers hacking away at curious animal parts on thick wooden blocks. Two years ago I accompanied my aunt to the market right before Chinese New Year and posted about it here, and this year, I did the same, taking very similar photos. I didn’t mean to, but it was just the same images that I felt worth sharing.

Faces have changed – who knows what happened to the pink ladies I shot on my first visit to the market – but the roles and the loud voices, the bustle and the atmosphere have not. The world, the photographs say, changes yet does not change.

All photos taken with iPhone and enhanced with Camera+ app. 

The Pink Ladies. Famous ready made eats. 

Tired Pink Ladies (and a man!) taking an extremely late lunch break (3PM). 

“Extremely extremely hot,” the young man calls out, “Please make way!”

A patient fish monger explains to my aunt how best to cook the fish skin. 

A young man wonders why he did not study harder in school, but what can he do now it’s  nearly
Chinese New Year and his mother needs an extra hand at her vegetable stand and look, there is a
strange girl taking a photo of him with her iPhone. Damned tourist who knows nothing of hard work. 

After seeing stalls like this, I vow to become vegetarian, which lasts for about two hours. 

I liked my first caption on Instagram so much I shall employ it again: Like a boss. 

Happy Grandma. Who needs teeth? She sells soft little wontons. 

A sausage and fish ball vendor. As you can tell, some flavors of fish do better than others.
My aunt, hauling the day’s haul up the stairs, out of the market. 

Little New Year charms vendor. 

And it’s not Chinese New Year until your entire family spends more money than necessary buying lottery tickets for a lottery you will never win. 

For those of you planning to visit Nanmen (South Gate) Market 南門市場 check out this link.

Please share your thoughts. No really, please.

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