Nippon, Thanks for the memories.

This part of Japan still intact.

Photograph hanging in the hallway.
Looking for the right path.
Japanese high school boys, in regular school uniforms. Crazy good.


A little boy named Hunter with whom I took a chairlift and who, after his lesson, will be a more accomplished skier than I could ever hope.


Foo, Ishak and Tan.


In Japan, the most hard core boarders wear pink.


The parking lot at Max-Value, discount sushi heaven.


I am not in this photo.


My favorite place in Niseko.


Mt. Yotei, aka. Mini Mt. Fuji aka NOT Mt. Fuji.


Every year, a drunk Australian gets run over by one of these.
In winter, knives and guns are unnecessary. Afterward, Shirley mixed herself a nice cold Bloody Mary.
For people who don’t mind eating out in the cold.
Many evenings were spent listening to JQ and Daryl debate Singaporean government. I’m still not quite sure about the uh, systems but it was amusing to watch Daryl get worked up, crouch up on the seat and say, “You guys are all drinking the government Kool-aid!” Unexpected energy from a guy who was, when not on the slopes, perpetually dressed in pajamas.


The crew.

Until then, ignorance was bliss.

Gambatte, Japan.

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