Tainan (Part 2) – A Village

Back from Hong Kong and Shanghai, but posting my last few Tainan photos before I forget…

After visiting the temple, Dr. Chang’s friends took us to an old village, the Chiang Family Village in Lu Tao Yang. A woman in our group was actually from the Chiang Family, and the village patriarch had been her grandfather. The village is built in the old style, courtyard units connected together, and is so well preserved that the Taiwanese government declared it a National Historical Site. There was a concert there that night, held yearly at the end of New Year’s celebrations and performed by local villagers as well as professional musicians. It was a glimpse of old Taiwan, and Mrs. Chang’s father, who went with us, enjoyed himself immensely. “It reminds me of my old home in Shandong, China,” he said.

The entrance to the village had tables set up filled with games for children.
Chiang children, playing games.

One of the courtyards. Some of them are for worshiping ancestors. Such as this one. Many temples are built along the same principle.
Musicians preparing for the night’s show. The stage was set in the village square.
Volunteer ladies ladled out bowls of tang yuan, or sticky rice balls in sweet broth. You eat this for prosperity.
There was a small, moon shaped pond at the head of the village.
I saw this photo in one of the courtyards. I’m guessing it is the Chiang family matriarch.
Dining hall.
An eager family, waiting for the show to start.
Costumes for the show. I wondered about the one on the right.

 As we left for Kaoshiung for our own dinner, I could hear the music start. I turned around and saw the village light up.

And for tomorrow, a preview of coming attractions…

Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

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