The Digital Park Bench

“Neuroplasticity” is taking me longer than expected, most likely because I’m spending too much time
a. reading other things
b. eating pop chips
c. waiting for laundry to dry
d. trolling my favorite websites, among them:

A few days ago, he posted a mini-documentary in which he starred, by Intel in a series called Visual Life. It’s always interesting to see the man behind the camera, and I can’t help but compare his face, his gait to that of a pro-fighter. But his voice is smooth and there is something resolute about the way his lips are pursed. An artist at work, and one who understands his place both in the streets and in cyberspace. Beautifully, he called it the digital park bench.

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One thought on “The Digital Park Bench

  1. Imagine the cortical re-mapping that would ensue if you were to:

    a. never sleep
    b. huff aerosol cans
    c. drink moonshine
    d. watch fox news.

    Change isn't always for the best. 😉

    BTW, my favorite part of that vid was when he took the picture of the beautiful woman in a hat that was actually a fan of his blog. Most pleasant surprise evar.

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