Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Proposing

Very highbrow engagement

On Sunday March 5th, 2017, Tom proposed.  Continue reading “Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Proposing”


“Could You Be With a Short Guy?”

Napoleon on horseback. Painting by Alfred G. C. Comte d’Orsay

“Yeah,” I said.

I was talking to my cousin on the phone. She’d just come from a law school friend’s wedding in the Bay Area, an intimate affair up in the hills of Berkeley where, during cocktail hour, the bride had come up to her with a conspiratorial twinkle in her eye.

“There’s someone here I want to set you up with,” Ginny said, “He’s one of Harry’s best friends and my absolute favorite of all his friends.” Continue reading ““Could You Be With a Short Guy?””

Book Radar: The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

The Course of Love
To be published in the U.S. on June 14th. 

Came across this essay in the Financial Times by Alain de Botton on how fictional representations of love can potentially ruin the real thing.

I didn’t date until I was 25, mostly because my years before were filled with crushes on celebrities and fictional characters ranging from Edward Norton to Anime cartoons. I’ve come a long way…I think, except for the moments during certain arguments with Tom, when I backtrack and think, “If Tom and I are meant for each other, why are we having another argument about _(insert topic here, involving anything from domestic inanities to personal values).”

Because, as Botton points out, very few people are “meant” for each other.

“…for most of us, our life’s problem isn’t finding a partner (that’s just one very important and at points thrilling phase), it is tolerating the candidate one eventually finds, and being tolerated by them, over time.

“A wiser culture than ours would recognize that the start of a relationship is not the high point that romantic art assumes; it is merely the first step of a far longer, more ambivalent and  yet quietly audacious journey on which we should direct our intelligence and scrutiny.”

Makes sense to me, which is why I like Botton and why I’m marking my calendar to preorder his new book, an un-Romantic novel, The Course of Love, out on June 14th.


My Awful Online Dating Profile

Do I look familiar? It’s because I use the same photo on LinkedIn.

In light of my two recent blog posts on my first date ever (part 3 coming next week), I revisited my old OkCupid profile, screenshot above. I thought I would cringe at my self summary, but the only thing I found cringe-worthy was my profile name: TimexMe? So lame. But lame name aside, I’d probably still describe myself this way.” If Tom is cringing, it’s a good thing we didn’t meet online.  Continue reading “My Awful Online Dating Profile”

In Flight: Leslie

Edward Hopper Chair Car
Chair Car  Edward Hopper, 1965   Oil on Canvas

I flew to Charleston in the smallest plane I’d ever been on, an Embraer ERJ-140. A private jet for some people but for American Airlines, a vessel capable of packing in forty-four passengers, one peroxide blonde flight attendant of German descent and exactly one lavatory, the existence of which seemed so implausible that I did not visit it once during the three-hour flight from Dallas. My seat was 9B, an aisle seat and as I approached found 9A occupied by a pretty brunette. She was covered from the neck down by a red fleece blanket from the airline. She wore glasses and had her hair back in a low ponytail. Continue reading “In Flight: Leslie”