Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Bums

This is Tom, not a bum.

New York is a great city.

Tom would say, “What’s not to love: the subway runs twenty-four hours, you can drink water straight from the tap and buy some of the world’s best bagels for less than a dollar.”

Though when I first moved here, Tom also told me, “It’s only a matter of time before you see a bum take a crap on the subway.” Continue reading “Thom’s Thursday Thoughts on Bums”

The Unemployment Diaries


On the E train downtown, I took a seat near the door and turned on my Kindle. A small, dark man in baggy clothes who’d been behind me on the platform stepped on and stopped. I wondered if he was looking for a seat and scooted down closer near the door to make room on my right, but he stayed standing and looked around. He looked relatively clean and wore a dark jacket over a grey hoodie. He had on a North Face backpack. A bottle of Axe body wash was tucked into one of the side pockets. Continue reading “The Unemployment Diaries”